Suddenly, like a car turning right on red without stopping and almost running you over, I feel the icy coldness of the darkness of depression arrive and immediately flow through my entire body like the violent cosmic expansion of the universe after the Big Bang. Rather than fight the tsunami…

Credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Early in her film “This is Paris,” Paris Hilton apologizes to the cameraman filming Paris driving: “Sorry. I’m so used to playing a character on camera. I’ll just be normal.” While you and I might say, “Sorry for acting so abnormal; I’m not used to constantly having cameras around,” there…

Sorry to hear all this. Twitter is a toxic place generally and I found my worst coming out in response and decided it was just best to delet muh account. Hope you are doing better and miss you!

Too much owning in one day
Too Much Owning in One Day, Be Warned
  1. You have an account. Seriously, get off.
  2. You refer to Twitter as “here,” “this place,” “hellsite.” For comparison, regular twitter users will say “Facebook is unhinged.” “Tumblr is Emo.” “Reddit is weird.” “Instagram is too happy”, yet say, “I need to get outta that place.” Is it a bar? A…

I haven’t written anything yet this year because I’ve just been so busy and really have no idea what to write about anyway. It’s been such a strange year here in America. The culture war has consumed the online airwaves. Politics continues to be infused with everything. Watching the Super Bowl is political. Not watching it is political. Schools are getting shot up. Kids are schooling politicians. Kids are also props in some weird game. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about anything, but for now, I’m just trying not be be consumed or apathetic. Just take it one day at a time.

Victor Rivera

I study psychology, organizations, and gainz.

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